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Del Mar Racetrack - Del Mar, California.

Del Mar is more than simply Horse Racing. It is an experience, a beautiful tableau that needs to be savored and enjoyed. Come out to Del Mar and experience a day that you will never forget. Thoroughbred Horse Racing Is Held Annually at Del Mar Racetrack from July - September. It's a popular place to visit in the summer months. You can find celebrities, tourists and locals hanging out on race days.


History: Opened originally on July 3rd, 1937 - Del Mar Racetrack was built on the Del Mar Fairgrounds in 1936. Actors and thoroughbred lovers Bing Crosby and Pat O'Brien helped to fund the construction. When the track first opened, Bing Crosby was there to personally greet racing fans. He popularized a song about the racetrack.


Seabiscuit at Del Mar - On August 12, 1938 a match race was held at Del Mar between Seabiscuit and a horse named Ligaroti. More than 20,000 spectators were on hand to watch Seabiscuit narrowly defeat his rival. This match race brought National attention to Del Mar. Seabiscuit was immortalized in recent years in a Hollywood Motion Picture.


Del Mar Horse Racing - "Where The Turf Meets The Surf At Old Del Mar"

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If you are following the horse races here at beautiful Del Mar, it's a good idea to keep track of the betting odds so you can adjust your picks. Focus in on the betting favorites, but remember to never count out the longshots, because Del Mar is known for the occasional upset.

History of Del Mar Racecourse.

1937 - Del Mar opens its gates for the first time, the famous Bing Crosby is personally on hand to greet visitors.


1938 - A famous match race is held between 2 horses, Seabiscuit and Ligaroti. 20,000 attend the race live at Del Mar, while countless others listen to a live broadcast over radio. Seabiscuit wins the race, but just narrowly.


1949 - A young jockey named Willie Shoemaker (the shoe) sets a record for wins at Del Mar. He wins 52 races and goes on to be a legend in the sport.


1950 - Two legendary jockeys, Willie Shoemaker and Johnny Longden battle it out head to head for the riding title. After a long duel, with neither one giving an inch, they finished tied with 60 wins each.


1954 - Willie Shoemaker is at it again, he sets an unreal mark of 94 wins during the meet. A figure that is likely to never be beat.


1960 - Del Mar rolls out a new 7/8 mile turf course. The course has an original design as it features a unique diagonal chute.


1977 - Bing Crosby visits the track he helped found for the last time. He dies later that year of a heart attack. He was known to be pleased with the success of Del Mar.


1984 - The great Trevor Denman takes over as announcer at Del Mar. He is now in my opinion the most famous race caller in North America. His race calls and enthusiasm are legendary.